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I'm Daria and I like bands, skateboarding and dick jokes. Also I'm friendly as fuck so feel free to talk to me if you'll need to. Ily.

The fact that Bowling for soup is such an underrated band makes me sad


"High School Never Ends" by Bowling For Soup
submitted by bubblewrappedmind

Alan Day / Four Year Strong

so after a period of deliberation, the bandom queer alliance is finally here! it’s sort of like a network, but not really at all, and it’s going to be super fun and cool and you can make new friends :) if you have any questions send either of the mods right now an ask (elizabeth - ley) or send the blog a message! instructions on how to join below!

☼follow the blog
☼take this survey
☼reblog the post so more people can see
☼follow the mods if you want (elizabeth - ley)
☼if you feel like it, track the tag “bandomqueeralliance”

there’s not a “choosing” process, all the people who take the survey will be put onto the profile subpages where you can find other members :) please do this it’ll be cool we promise